Ability to research is more important

Some may think that in IT it all depends on the ability to learn new things.

However, more and more people become aware that humans cannot be or become walking encyclopedias.

We can certainly acquire experience and use that with our day to day work, but in a field as vast as IT the possibility of learning and knowing everything does not exist.

Therefore, one of the most valuable skills should be the ability to research.

Troubleshooting is a major part of IT work and most of us find a solution after doing extensive research.

Clearly, simply searching on Google may not always be a complete solution because one must know what to search for and where exactly to search for it.

Most recently I’ve started to use documentation tools in order to document my research for further use as I find it highly important to have handy references to previous research.

This being said, I’m recommending that you not only start to learn new things but also learn how you can do extensive research and document your findings for future use.’