Systems Administrator

My activity as a systems administrator started initially at Palma Solutions, continued with easyCut! and the other company that I managed servers and networks for.

However, I officially started working as a systems administrator and received this title at Lunarpages.

My activity as a systems administrator consolidated at HostLabs where I worked exclusively on system administration for VPS and dedicated server customers.

System administration includes a series of different tasks which may vary from customer to customer:

  • server setup and deployment;
  • server and hardware troubleshooting;
  • server software deployment and maintenance;
  • server and network security;
  • server optimization and management;
  • security and integrity audits;
  • data migration;
  • third-party application deployment and troubleshooting;
  • server and application monitoring;
  • firewall setup and attack mitigation;
  • redundancy and contingency plans;
  • backup setups and maintenance;
  • disaster and data recovery;
  • intrusion detection and prevention;

Throughout my activity at the companies that I worked for I covered pretty much every aspect and the task of system administration and I acquired enough practical experience on this matter.