Managed Hosting Team Lead

I started working at Lunarpages in April 2011 after applying for a job there and taking the interview and the technical test where I scored 15 out of 15.

I was immediately hired as a level 2 customer support technician and my main task was to address the tickets associated with the Managed Shared Hosting department.

Lunarpages offered a plan called Managed Shared Hosting where shared hosting customers could pay a monthly fee and have a series of services included with an allowance of 120 minutes of administrative time.

The services offered through Managed Shared Hosting were malware cleanups, resource usage optimization, troubleshooting and fixes, website optimization and small web design tasks amongst other.

As the malware affecting the websites of the customers kept evolving I helped create tools that would automate the detection and cleanup and also helped draft protocols and procedures to be used in such situations.

For over 8 years I maintained those tools by creating malware fingerprints using regexes and continue to do so at this date. I still maintain an active repository of all the malware that the tools can detect and clean on Pastebin.

A similar approach was applied in the case of customers experiencing stability and resource usage issues with their websites and while I did not develop tools I helped draft specific approaches, procedures and protocols to resolve such issues.

Most of the websites that I’ve dealt with at Lunarpages under the Managed Hosting department were WordPress, a CMS platform that I already had background with and which has become more and more popular.

My work at Lunarpages allowed me to acquire more than 8 years of advanced troubleshooting, fixes and optimization experience with WordPress.

Alongside I also worked with Joomla and Drupal sites and with eCommerce platforms like ZenCart, osCommerce or Magento, to name the most important.

In fact, my activity under the Managed Shared Hosting department allowed me to work on more than 100 CMS scripts.

Since a considerable amount of the tickets that I was handling under the Managed Shared Hosting department were level 3 I received additional training and was promoted to level 3 Customer Support Representative by 2013.

Starting with 2015, due to the experience that I had acquired and the protocols and procedures that I helped draft I became Managed Hosting Team Lead with Lunarpages and although I kept handling mainly the Managed Shared Hosting department I was also asked to provide feedback and support for customers using our VPS and dedicated server plans.

The approach was slightly different for VPS and dedicated server plans as malware cleanups had to cover the entire server and optimization work was carried out at first at service level (Apache, MySQL) and then at website level.

Under the Managed Hosting department at Lunarpages I had a chance to work for VIP customers and constantly received positive feedback about my work from both the upper and lower management and the customers.

Starting with 2013 one of the tools that I developed and was maintaining for the Managed Shared Hosting department was provided to all employees from the Spam-Abuse and Exploited Accounts departments in order to aid them with their work and by 2017 two other tools were integrated farm-wide on all shared hosting servers in order to help scan for malware and fingerprint the CMS scripts installed.

In 2018 I was promoted to Systems Administrator given the fact that I had acquired enough experience and expertise by working with VPS and dedicated customers and I knew my way pretty well around the Linux terminal.

Starting with September 2019 my activity under the Managed Shared Hosting department at Lunarpages started to decrease and ceased in December 2019 as the parent company of Lunarpages had sold the Lunarpages brand to HostPapa and I was tasked to work as a systems administrator under a different brand.