Co-Founder & IT Specialist

Palma Solutions was my baby back in 2014.

While working for both remote and local customers I noticed that there was a void as far as IT services are concerned.

Most companies were forced to work with 4-5 contractors at the same time in order to satisfy all their IT needs or hire an entire IT department for the very same purpose.

Both approaches are costly and since I seized a possibility to offer a service that includes hardware, software, cloud and other technical coverage I’ve put the base milestone of Palma Solutions, a full service IT company.

The goal of Palma Solutions is to offer the same service coverage as an entire IT department but at a much lower cost.

Our main focus was to help customers from the island of Mallorca, however, at Palma Solutions, we can provide full IT coverage to customers all over the world.

The breakdown of the services offered by Palma Solutions can be found on the services page.